Tune into 8 units worth of pre-recorded content to equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to thrive as a marketer.


    Gain access to discussion boards, live webinars, and an online community of peers, digital marketing advisors, and your facilitators.


    Hear from 40+ experienced digital marketing experts each week for best practices, tips, and tricks.

What's Included

  • Live Weekly Webinar Sessions with digital marketing experts.

  • Discussion Boards monitored by digital marketing advisors.

  • Communities - a space to connect with each other and the Alacrity team to ask questions and share resources.

  • Constantly updated content to keep pace with evolving digital marketing platforms.

Is the Alacrity Academy Bootcamp Right For Me?

Our intensive Digital Marketing Bootcamp is perfect for students that are:

  • You have roughly 10 hours a week to devote to learning a new skill

  • You have basic background knowledge when it comes to using computers and the Internet

  • You want to jumpstart the growth of your business in the digital marketplace

  • You have a "wait and see" approach to solving problems that have solutions

What Our Graduates Say

Sarah Jensen

I'm so happy with the time I spend participating in the Alacrity Digital Marketing Course. Mike and Ania provide outstanding support and expertise. Expect to have a lot of fun and be challenged everyday. I am confident leaving the program with the knowledge and resources I need to succeed.

Liam Chang

I would recommend this course for anybody who is currently working in a media role or dealing directly with marketing to customers. I learned an incredible amount of useful information and have already been putting it to use at BC Shavers and hobbies.